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Wooden pallets have actually come to be a major consider out earth's deforestation. logging is just one of the biggest contributors to global warming and our planet's abrupt spike in temperature levels. Timber dust is discovered in pallets and is a health hazard related to nasal and also sinus cavity cancer, lung cancer and Hodgkin's disease (cancer cells of the lymph system which creates your antibodies).


54% of timber pallets are used for just one shipment, and after that either stored, shed or discarded. It is approximated that almost 30% of Carbon Monoxide 2 accumulation in our environment can be credited to deforestation over the past 150 years. Now allow's look at some facts regarding recycled light weight aluminum.


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Much of light weight aluminum's recycling value originates from the power saved when making light weight aluminum from recycled material; it requires 95% much less power than making it from main bauxite ore. In the United States, over 100,000 light weight aluminum containers are recycled each min. That amounts to 53 billion canisters recycled in 2010. The U.S.


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The Buzz on Wood Pallets Atlanta


wood pallets atlantawood pallets atlanta







oil imports. Light weight aluminum can be recycled forever with NO loss of top quality (advantage since we make use of over 80,000,000,000 light weight aluminum containers annually). Altogether, light weight aluminum from recycled containers and also various other products make up about 50% of the aluminum industry's raw product metal supply. Recycling is so efficient that it can take as couple of as 60 days for an aluminum can to be accumulated, melted, made right into a new can and also waiting for purchase on a grocery store rack.


wood pallets atlantawood pallets atlanta



Aluminum pallets can be shade anodized and also Laser Engraved for easy identification and also brand recognition. Timber pallets are costing us greater than simply cash when you consider deforestation, poisonous chemical leaching in land fills, harm to the ozone layer as well as the carcinogenic top qualities. We need a standard change in the way we believe and act concerning the use of wooden pallets in our supply chains due to the fact that, as the title of this blog post states, "wood pallets cost us greater than you recognize!" Like Filling ...


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